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OK so here is the deal – we promise to do a few things every single time we get the pleasure of working with you. First, we will only ever use completely new state of the art tools. This seems like an obvious point and it is one that we want to reiterate again and again. Why? Because you would be very surprised by the amount of contractors in the local area and beyond who are content, or seemingly content, with using tools that are nothing but second rate. It doesn’t work as well, it disrespects the customer and it makes the job worse at the end of the day. We can’t wrap our head around the reason for this just to save a few bucks and it is something that we will never do.

Secondly, we will make sure that all of our staff have up to date training on everything to do with the job at hand as well as the customer service training methods that are on the cutting edge of new school thinking.

​Thirdly, we are committed to making sure that the kind of job we do benefits you. If you don’t need a job completed, or not really, then there is no way that we will recommend it. We know how hard you work for your money and we want every task that we complete to feel like an honest transaction. So – if this sounds like a deal that is right for you, we are glad and we look forward to working together.



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